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Is your office prepared for the new digital era of business?

You live buried in papers and files.

Your office looks like the library of Alexandria with thousands of documents flooding your rooms and desks. Your budget goes to post-its, highlighters and photocopies in the first quarter of the 21st century.

Your hours are spent typing information.

Your office keyboards are on fire all day. Your hours and those of your team are spent searching for information among the thousands of documents and cleaning them up while no one finds anything.

Deadlines and pressure suffocate your team.

When you start breathing, you are drowning in deliveries and stress and pressure take over your office again. Mistakes are costly and tears appear instead of smiles.

Managing more client accounts without hiring more people is possible.

Manage more accounts with the same team, multiply your revenue and gain market share being more efficient in your daily operations.

Artificial intelligence at the service of your office

Recover your team's hours by extracting data from your documents in 3 clicks thanks to artificial intelligence.

Thousands of documents read and interpreted in seconds.

Extract the text you want from digital documents. Scan or take a photo of your physical documents to process them together.

If you blink, you'll miss it.

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The summary files of your clients in the blink of an eye.

Create your personalized templates with the most relevant information you need from your clients and process all your documents to extract the data in seconds and store it centrally.

Reliable is not enough.

in order, your order.

Organize the information you need your way to find it quickly and use it with your management programs in an easy, simple and organized way. Edit your templates any time and we will do the rest.

Your way is the way.

All the information you need in a spreadsheet.

Export your templates and jobs in excel or csv format to use as data entry for your client management software or simply have all the information under your control.

Everything from one place.

Everything that doesn't help your clients solved in 3 clicks

Dedicate the recovered hours to what truly matters, helping your clients.

All your documents in one place.

No more misplaced documents. Keep all of your digital files in your own cloud and find the information they contain easily, simply and instantly.

Always available for your entire team.

Your team working
without limitations.

Work collaboratively with your team from any device and anywhere. Avoid duplicated work, depending on physical documents or the presence and availability of your employees.

No user limit.

The new numbers of your office.

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The tool is very easy to use, you simply have to scan the document and the information is automatically captured. Digiteyes is also very accurate, meaning you rarely make a mistake when reading information.
In summary, I highly recommend Digiteyes to anyone who needs to capture information from documents quickly and efficiently. This tool has changed the way I do my job and I'm sure you will love it too.
It has saved me an untold amount of time and effort capturing document data automatically. Before knowing Digiteyes, I use to spend hours reviewing documents and entering data manually, but now, everything is done in a matter of minutes.
The tool is very easy to use, you simply have to scan the document. The thing that has impressed me the most is the ability of Digiteyes to process several documents at the same time. This has allowed me to be much more efficient in my work, since I can do multiple tasks at the same time and it is automatically captured. Digiteyes is also very accurate, meaning you rarely make a mistake when reading information.

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Recover hours by processing all your case documents in 3 clicks thanks to artificial intelligence.